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CSI Engineering is a top provider of LEED consulting services throughout New England and beyond. No matter your LEED needs, CSI Engineering is here to provide you with expert insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

LEED Consulting
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LEED Consulting Services We Provide

At CSI Engineering, we have worked as a premier LEED consulting firm for decades, assisting in projects of all sizes and across countless industries. We are led by accredited engineers with vast experience on LEED projects, from ENERGY STAR appliances and commissioning to gap analysis and energy modeling. Our team concentrates on developing new structures and improving existing ones, leveraging our superior industry knowledge to tackle even the most complex projects.

A full list of our LEED consultancy services includes: 

  • LEED consulting 
  • Green Globes consulting
  • Corporate sustainability implementation
  • WELL consulting 
  • Sustainable design
  • Energy, water and waste audits

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About CSI Engineering

We opened our doors in 1996, founded by a Wentworth Institute of Technology graduate named John E. Cass. CSI Engineering started with an extreme focus on assisting general and mechanical contractors with creating coordination and as-built drawings within small- to large-scale design projects. 

CSI Engineering has since moved locations from Saugus, Massachusetts to Portsmouth, New Hampshire — our headquarters for serving New England and beyond. We have broadened our attention to serve architects, developers and contractors with comprehensive capabilities, including HVACElectricalPlumbing and Fire Protection Engineering services. 

CSI’s Accreditations

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Our Previous Project Experience

CSI Engineering is a premier LEED consulting firm capable of instilling confidence in your team by remaining on the cutting edge. We’ve worked on hundreds of LEED projects throughout the decades, collaborating with organizations across numerous sectors — from academic institutions to manufacturing facilities. 

Our services are led by our Principal Engineers, known for their expertise in LEED project designs and construction administration. Jim O’Brien, our Principal and Chief Electrical Engineer, is a LEED-accredited consultant with over 30 years of industry experience. We have a deep green-building knowledge base we leverage to manage various jobs. 


Benefits of Having a LEED-Certified Building

Considering having your building LEED certified? Explore some of the advantages of investing in this certification: 

  • Help the environment: Energy-efficient buildings are the way forward for the global community, reducing up to 34% of carbon emissions, diverting over 540 million tons of waste from landfills and decreasing pollution to resolve climate change. 
  • Achieve business goals: LEED buildings are better for business, helping investors achieve ESG goals, boost efficiency and lower operational expenses. 
  • Take care of your people: Developing a greener building will create a beneficial space with healthy air and plenty of sunlight that your employees and visitors will appreciate. 
  • Attract well-paying tenants or buyers: LEED-certified buildings tend to achieve higher rents than non-certified spaces and even attract premium prices when put on the market. 

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LEED Certification Process

LEED certification is the gold standard for green building design, created by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1993. By following a specific rating system with certain prerequisites based on the building type, your building can earn a LEED certification. Not every project type follows the same guidelines, so using the right rating system for your project — such as Building Design and Construction, Homes, Neighborhood Development, and Cities and Communities — is crucial. 

These rating systems focus on various areas, including: 

  • Sustainability 
  • Integration 
  • Location and transportation 
  • Water efficiency
  • Materials 
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Indoor environmental quality

Certification Levels

LEED certification uses a point-based scale. The more successful you are in adhering to the rating system, the more points you will collect. Using energy-efficient lighting or implementing effective waste management procedures are basic steps to boost your certification. Buildings can earn up to 110 total points but can achieve certification with point totals such as: 

  • Certified: 40-49 points
  • Silver: 50-59 points
  • Gold: 60-79 points
  • Platinum: 80+ points 


Here are some of the most popular questions regarding LEED consulting and certification. 

What Does a LEED Consultant Do? 

LEED consultants oversee your building process from design to construction. They provide valuable insight into how best to implement green strategies that balance cost efficiency and environmental performance. Reliable professionals understand the latest criteria and approaches to develop an eco-friendly design that receives high point tallies on the LEED certification scale.

How Much Does LEED Certification Cost? 

LEED certification expenses vary across projects and depend on the size and intricacy of the build or renovation. You’ll likely have to pay fees for registration, certification, consultancy services and testing. Our CSI Engineering experts can give you a clearer picture of what you can expect to pay during the process. 

How Do You Choose the Right Rating System? 

Review rating system descriptions and your project scope to determine which guidelines are best for your situation. The U.S. Green Building Council recommends following the 40/60 rule when you believe multiple systems apply. 

Is LEED Certification Worth It? 

LEED certification adds significant value to your property. Green and energy-efficient buildings are unique assets investors and tenants want to see in their communities. Certification will ensure you do your part for the environment, enjoy financial benefits and join a globally recognized group of organizations paving the way toward a new future. 

LEED Consulting

Partner With CSI Engineering for LEED Certification Consulting

The team at CSI Engineering can’t wait to start your LEED project. View our project portfolio and contact our team online for more information about our environmentally friendly design services. 

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