HVAC Systems Design Engineering

HVAC Systems Design Engineering

HVAC / Mechanical Engineering Services in New England and Beyond

Whatever the system — from ventilation to heating, equipment analysis, selection or replacement, ductwork installation, or instrument and control placement — CSI Engineering creates integrated, efficient, high-tech mechanical systems for tomorrow’s buildings. Our designs always comply with state and federal codes and invariably surpass energy-efficiency mandates.

Whether you require a code review or a large-scale redesign, CSI Engineering has the necessary experience to serve you. Our team of experts have provided HVAC engineering services since 1996. With a central location in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we primarily serve New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. Despite our main focus being the New England Area, we also offer HVAC engineering across the United States and internationally.

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HVAC Systems Design Engineering

HVAC Design and Consulting

CSI Engineering provides fully customized services for every job. The team works to keep your project within budget while creating highly efficient and cutting-edge systems. No matter the size of the job, large or small, we will work with you to create a unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system that suits your needs. 

Whether you need ventilation system design engineering for a new building or want to redesign your current HVAC system for greater efficiency and functionality, our team provides a vast array of design and consulting services to meet your requirements.

Our HVAC design and consulting services include:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Clean rooms
  • Ventilation for labs and medical facilities
  • Ductwork and piping distribution systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Instruments and controls
  • Geothermal systems
  • Commercial HVAC systems design
  • Residential HVAC systems design

CSI Engineering also offers HVAC consulting services to provide expertise and leadership for planning and replacing current infrastructure. You can work with us for:

HVAC Systems Design Engineering
  • Equipment replacement
  • Equipment selection
  • Energy conservation, including heat recovery
  • System analysis
  • Code analysis
  • Peer review

Specialized HVAC Design Services

Our design expertise also extends to numerous specialized mechanical engineering services including: clean room design for labs and medical facilities, residential HVAC services, and Commercial HVAC Services.

HVAC Systems Design Engineering

Clean Room Design and Ventilation for Labs and Medical Facilities

Labs and medical facilities need enclosed areas with controlled concentrations of airborne particles like bacteria and dust. Your laboratory might also have particular requirements for temperature, humidity and pressure. We have extensive experience designing systems for medical sites and understand the importance of proper design to a facility’s success. If you need an HVAC engineering company near Boston, Massachusetts, and beyond to provide clean room design, our expert team can serve you.

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Residential HVAC Design

If you build residential properties, CSI Engineering can help you design an effective system to meet building codes and provide energy-efficient air circulation and containment throughout a home. Our planning process also accounts for your budget and strives to create designs that hit cost targets.


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Commercial HVAC Design

Building or renovating a commercial facility often involves several unique considerations. Your HVAC system must abide by specific codes to ensure that it operates properly and provides sufficient heating and cooling without incurring high costs. Our engineers have extensive experience designing every aspect of HVAC systems for commercial buildings. We can help your structure meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications for optimal energy efficiency. 

Our Commercial HVAC specialties: Restaurants, Hospitals/Labs, Animal Clinics, Schools/Universities, Retail Stores, Manufacturing Spaces, Government and more!

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HVAC Systems Design Engineering

Choose an Expert HVAC Engineering Design Firm for Your Next Project

With design and consulting services that cover every aspect of HVAC systems, CSI Engineering provides the necessary expertise for your system. When you work with us for HVAC design or consulting, we will pair you with engineers who have specialized training in mechanical engineering so you know you will receive the best advice. 

Our engineering design and consulting firm has three principal engineers who work closely with every project, bringing years of industry experience. They are available day and night to answer questions and help you achieve positive outcomes. We work toward creating client relationships that span multiple jobs. If you seek HVAC engineering companies near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and beyond, request a proposal online.

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