Fire Sprinkler Design Services

Fire Sprinkler Design Services
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Why Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Important

Fire sprinkler systems are vital in ensuring commercial buildings — such as schools and storefronts — are safe in a fire. Some primary benefits of investing in a fire sprinkler system include:

  • Protect assets: A fire sprinkler system can offer a fast response to fire to prevent damage to merchandise, supplies or the structure of your building. 
  • Meet building codes: Many commercial building regulations require a form of fire suppression system to be in place, making investing in a fire sprinkler system a great way to stay up to code.
  • Works with emergency systems: Most fire sprinkler systems work simultaneously with emergency response systems, meaning if one were to go off, the other would follow, promptly alerting emergency services that they need to come to your building.
  • Longer evacuation time: Fire sprinkler systems work with rapid alert systems like strobe lights or other alert systems to alert occupants to danger and ensure they have time to evacuate safely.
  • Immediate detection: A fire sprinkler system will immediately detect smoke, flames or heat, begin running and trigger the alarms for a longer evacuation time.

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Work With a Leader in Fire Alarm Design

At CSI Engineering, we have decades of experience designing exceptional fire alarm systems, making us a go-to choice for projects of any scale. Some of the many industries we service include:

  • Academic
  • Breweries
  • Corporate
  • Growing, cultivation and dispensary facilities
  • Health care
  • Labs
  • Military facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Technology and manufacturing
Fire Sprinkler Design Services

Our Fire Sprinkler Design Services

At CSI Engineering, we offer top-quality designs for fire protection systems. Our expertise sets us apart from other fire sprinkler design companies because we can create a fire sprinkler system that works for your building’s unique needs. As we design your sprinkler system, we may consider factors like:

  • Water supply: Your sprinkler system must have access to an automatic water supply that will not exceed your building’s power.
  • The amount of water needed: When selecting the right fire suppression system design for your facility, our team will also look at your building’s occupancy hazard level to calculate how many gallons of water per minute per square foot would be necessary to put out a fire.
  • Sprinkler size: Our team will take the time to calculate which sprinkler head offers the appropriate amount to maximize coverage while reducing overall system costs.
  • Pipe size: Pipe size and material play a significant role in maximizing your pipe’s flow, and our designers will choose the best option for your system while keeping your overall budget in mind.

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Fire Sprinkler Design Services

Keep Your Building Safe With Help From CSI Engineering

As a business owner or building administrator, keeping your commercial property safe is likely top of mind. With CSI Engineering on your side, you can access over 25 years of engineering experience to ensure your building is safe during a fire. Request a proposal today to learn how our fire sprinkler design company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, can meet your fire suppression design needs in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and other locations across New England.

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Common Questions About Fire Suppression System Design

As an experienced fire sprinkler design company near Boston, MA, we have all the answers you will need about our process. Review some of the most common questions we receive.

What Will a Fire Sprinkler System Look Like in My Building?

Modern fire sprinkler systems feature designs that seamlessly blend in with the ceiling, making them almost invisible. At CSI Engineering, we are happy to work with you to design the best sprinkler for your property.

What Does a Fire Sprinkler Setup Entail?

Since every building is unique, our designers will work with you to design a sprinkler system that meets your space’s specific needs while meeting industry regulations.

Is a Sprinkler System Enough to Completely Extinguish a Fire?

Since fire sprinklers react so quickly, they are a great way to reduce the amount of heat, smoke and flames from a fire. If the sprinkler system doesn’t completely extinguish the fire, it can prevent it from spreading throughout the building.

How Do Designers Calculate a Sprinkler Coverage Area?

To determine a sprinkler coverage area, our team will multiply your space’s size by how much water you need. We will also consider the distance from walls and pressure requirements to ensure optimal protection.