Clean Room Engineering for Labs and Medical Sites


CSI Engineering has HVAC engineers with experience designing clean rooms for various applications. We can work with you to create a specialized system that meets your cleanliness requirements and fits your space. Our design expertise includes laboratories, hospitals, surgical sites and manufacturing facilities (such as medical device manufacturers and aerospace parts companies). Our firm services New Hampshire, the entire New England Region, and beyond. Properly designed clean room HVAC systems ensure safety for employees and end users by removing airborne particles to create a contaminant-free working environment.


The Importance of Clean Room HVAC Design

A clean room is an isolated space that actively maintains a high level of cleanliness through active air filtration and ventilation. This clean, engineered environment is ideal for manufacturing products or working with high-risk contaminants in medical fields. Clean room heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems treat air before carrying it into the area. Then, the air is filtered out and cleaned again as it leaves the room so it is ready to recirculate. 

With a clean room HVAC system, you can control temperature, humidity, air pressure, ventilation and airflow direction and speed. This equipment also includes high-efficiency particulate air filters that remove even the smallest airborne particles. These systems are essential for:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical laboratories
  • Electronic part production
Clean Room Engineering for Labs and Medical Sites

Our Clean Room Design Capabilities

CSI Engineering is a clean room design company that can help you create the exact space you need, adapting systems to fit your facility’s size and functionality requirements. We also abide by applicable state and federal codes for clean room designs and classes. Our specific design capabilities include:

Clean Room Engineering for Labs and Medical Sites
  • Clean room air turnover
  • Contamination capture and exhaust
  • Precise temperature and heat controls
  • Positive and negative pressure
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Energy-efficient designs
  • Price estimates
  • Electronic clean room drawings
  • Building schedules
  • Code review and stamp

Specialized Systems for Medical Sites and Laboratories

Medical laboratories often handle sensitive chemical or biological particles that could make lab workers sick or escape into the surrounding environment and harm patients. Clean rooms eliminate these contaminants before they can spread. Clean rooms are also necessary for production in life sciences as too many outside particles could hinder results. CSI Engineering has experience designing clean room medical sites and laboratories to meet the particular needs of this industry.


Benefits of Well-Designed Clean Room HVAC Systems

A clean room HVAC system controls the airflow in your medical facility or manufacturing operation to maintain a sterile working environment. A well-designed system will allow you to operate more efficiently and abide by all applicable regulatory requirements. Here are a few benefits of a well-designed system:

  • Code compliance: A clean room built to national and local codes will provide an ideal working space.
  • Better operation: With professional design services, your clean room will be easy to construct, run and maintain at lower costs with higher energy efficiency.
  • Workflow optimization: Whatever your clean room needs, our engineered solutions fit your daily operations and scale based on your business size. 
  • Integrated systems: Your clean room’s mechanical and electrical components will work well with existing structural designs.
Clean Room Engineering for Labs and Medical Sites

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Whether you need a clean room for scientific research or military electronic parts manufacturing, our engineers at CSI Engineering can help you design a space that fits your specifications. We provide clean room design in New Hampshire and across New England. Contact us today to request a proposal.

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