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Tufts Medical Center

Boston, MA
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Innovative Health Care Engineering Opens New Opportunities to Improve Patient Outcomes


Expert Engineering for Boston’s Historic Health Care Center

Tufts Medical Center in Boston is a longstanding health care facility that dates back to the United States’ infancy. The hospital opened its doors in 1796, making it New England’s oldest static medical facility and the third oldest in the country. Founding fathers such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere took part in establishing Tufts Medical Center.

Today, Tufts Medical Center is a 15-building, 415-bed campus in Downtown Boston. The medical team receives nationwide acclaim for its success in performing heart and liver transplants. CSI Engineering enhanced the Tuft Medical Center’s capabilities through a renovation project within the existing CT Scan Lab.

Engineering Improvements That Enhanced CT Scanning Capabilities

As Boston’s oldest health care facility, Tufts Medical Center is familiar with innovation and change. We partnered with Tufts Medical Center to achieve new possibilities within CT scanning labs. Our work helped improve the institution’s quality of care by modernizing the existing CT Scan Lab.

Our work with Tufts Medical Center enhanced the existing lab’s capabilities. We designed new process chillers and pumps to cool the new CT scanner during advanced processes. We also updated the lab’s existing piping to accommodate the new chillers and pumps. Our updates allowed Tufts Medical Center’s staff to implement a unique 128-slice CT scan machine. The 128-slice scanner captures three-dimensional images, which is critical when diagnosing cardiac and respiratory conditions.

CSI Engineering’s Role

CSI Engineering played a vital role in Tufts Medical Center’s CT Scan Lab updates. Our design and engineering services ensured the upgraded CT scan machine had a sufficient cooling system.

We started by inspecting Tuft Medical Center’s existing CT scanner, its cooling mechanisms, the piping in place and the plans to upgrade to 128-slice scanning. Knowing what the new scanner would require, we engineered changes to the lab that would accommodate the more powerful system.

Our work comprised mechanical engineering for the new process chiller and pumps. We also designed plumbing updates to the existing piping and exercised our electrical engineering capabilities to ensure the laboratory could accommodate the upgrades.

Better Engineering Leads to Better Patient Outcomes

The Tufts Medical Center CT Scan Lab project made an immediate and lasting impact on patient outcomes and operational efficiency. The lab uses its 128-slice CT scan machine to serve dozens of patients each week.

The medical staff captures in-depth, three-dimensional scans that allow doctors to diagnose conditions with greater accuracy, promoting better outcomes. The improved diagnosis process leads to improved treatment efficiency and, therefore, greater revenue. The foundation we set will open opportunities for continual growth as diagnostic technology evolves.

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