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Lynn, MA
  • Mechanical (HVAC)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
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Full-Scale Solutions for Revolutionary Cannabis Growing & Cultivation Facility


Innovative Precision in Cannabis Cultivation

Bostica is a cannabis grower and cultivator headquartered out of Lynn, Massachusetts. The firm is family-owned and operated, specializing in growing high-quality specimens from their proprietary strains. In addition to focusing on the agricultural aspects, Bostica also manufactures a number of cannabis products.

Bostica’s facility in Massachusetts is 60,000 square feet total, with over 35,000 dedicated to cultivation. The facility boasts impressive systems and infrastructure ranging from an expansive indoor vertical cultivation facility to a state-of-the-art fertigation room. Its infrastructure design allows it to be the most energy-efficient and technologically advanced cannabis facility near the Greater Boston area. The facility is also home to the largest tissue culture lab in all of Massachusetts. 

Design Solutions Supporting All Four Aspects of Infrastructure

This new structure’s footprint is an impressive undertaking for any design firm. In addition to its large size, the facility also serves a number of purposes, ranging from growing to cultivation to manufacturing. With its varied purposes and the intricate nature of the growing process, the infrastructure needs of this facility are varied. A complex understanding of how these systems operate together, at all stages of production, was critical to the success of designing this facility’s intricate systems. 

CSI Engineering’s expertise was enlisted to provide full-scope solutions for the infrastructure needs of Bostica’s facilities in Lynn, Massachusetts. With a long history of designing systems for cannabis facilities, CSI’s experts were a perfect fit for this large-scale project.

The design expertise that CSI provided for this project covered all of the structure’s HVAC/mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems. Specifically, our team provided a great deal of focus on the facility’s indoor vertical cultivation facility and their Fertigation room. 

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Videos of The Bostica Project

Visit Bostica’s Facebook page for more progress videos and updates on this project.

Walkthrough of Indoor Vertical Cultivation Facility

(During Construction)

Source: Bostica, Facebook Page

Fertigation Room Piping Progress

Source: Bostica, Facebook Page

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