Mechanical Systems

o Heating and Cooling Systems
o Clean Rooms
o Equipment Replacement
o Ventilation Systems
o Ductwork and Piping Distribution Systems
o Fuel Oil Systems
o Energy Conservation including Heat Recovery
o Specialized systems design for medical procedure and laboratory facilities
o Instruments and Controls
o Equipment Selection
o System Analysis and Energy Studies
o Geothermal Systems


oWater Conservation
o Grey Water Systems
o Acid Waste Neutralization
o Medical Gas Systems
o Domestic Water Systems
o Sanitary, storm and process drainage systems
o Laboratory and Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems
o Fuel Gas Piping Systems
o Domestic Water Heating Systems
o Compressed Air Systems
o Vacuum Drainage Systems
o Grease & Waste Systems
o Special Waste Systems

Registrations: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Michigan, Maryland, and New Jersey

LEED BD&C Accredited Professionals