Sanford Housing Authority

Sanford, ME

Upon completion, the building will be the new administration offices for the Sanford Housing Authority. The building consist of 7,900+/- sq.ft. with two stories above grade and one below grade. The client wanted an energy efficient heating and cooling system that was economical both in installation and operation. In addition, the client wanted all offices to be individually controlled for both heating and cooling. CSI designed an energy efficient condensing boiler with hot water radiant panels that were recessed into the ceiling to allow every bit of floor space to be utilized by the client without worry of blocking heating elements. The cooling for the project was via heat pumps which not only cool the building but can be utilized as a backup system in case of a failure of the boiler. Another benefit of the heat pump system is that it can be utilized in the swing months to provide cooling in one part of the building while simultaneously providing heat in another part of the building. An energy recovery system was also incorporated into the ventilation system.

Danvers Police Station Phase 1

Danvers, MA

Phase 1 involves reviewing the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing & fire protection systems as they exist in the building and provide a report describing condition of the equipment and its adaptive reuse in providing system expansion for a planned NFPA 1221 compliant dispatch center, new training area and renovation of existing space into offices.

First United Methodist Church

Melrose, MA

Design for a complete upgrade of the churches heating system. The church currently has a single boiler with three control valve steam heating system. CSI has surveyed and documented the existing conditions, worked closely with the churches board and installing contractor, designed an upgraded heating system incorporating an additional boiler, new controls, new steam and condensate piping and the ability to monitor the churches tenant heating usage.

MHS Detroit Animal Shelter

Detroit, MI
HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing

30,500 sq. ft. animal shelter and hospital. CSI designed energy efficient florescent lighting and lighting motion sensor controls as well as a geothermal HVAC system, HVAC controls and solar hot water heating to meet or exceed energy code requirements.

IPG One Mega Watt Co-gen

Oxford, MA

IPG headquarters located in Oxford, MA. manufactures high power fiber lasers and needs reliable power to keep production running. CSI is helping to design reliable back-up power generation and is using the by-products of the generation to heat and cool areas of the facility, this process is also known as cogeneration. In this phased approach (3) 1MW generators will be added incrementally to provide back-up power to the facilities many on-site buildings. The design includes future flexibility to add future critical loads to the cogeneration distribution.